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We are long overdue for a proptech revolution

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Alligate is built on collaboration and we need your help.

After years of working in corporate environments we experienced the limitations of large organizations and observed the power of passion in startups. Where large incumbent companies see disruption and threats, innovative cultures see possibilities. Possibilities to service people better, reduce ecological footprint and create new industries. We wanted to be advocates for this change. That is why we left the defensive team of corporate entities, and switched to the attacking side by aiding startups with the valuable experience, capital, infrastructure and network they need to change the world.

Now we are looking for people with the same ambitions. People who want to be a part of the revolution. People who wants to send ripples that shake the very foundation large organizations are built on. People like you.

This is where you might ask why we decided to put proptech at the center of our revolution, and you would be right to do so. The answer is two fold. We all spend a large portion of our lives in buildings that are either helping us achieve more or achieve less. Buildings that make our days brighter, or darker. It is obvious to us that the impact of our surroundings is not sufficiently appreciated or prioritized. This is something we need to change. By investing in and strengthening solutions that improve how we use buildings we directly improve the everyday life of countless people. Both in health and experience. Increasing their capacity for happiness and productivity.

The second reason is more daunting. It is estimated that real estate alone accounts for 1/3 of all CO2 emissions world wide. This is especially infuriating when you realize that at any given time 50% of all commercial real estate is empty. Not only that, but there are plans to construct millions of new offices the coming years. It is absolutely crucial that we find new ways to utilize our buildings better and to reduce the footprint from construction.

The impact of a building site

We think that Alligate can help solve both problems. In some smaller and bigger ways. To do this we need to bring people together. People who are able to put radical ideas into the real world. You are the ones who will make this revolution a reality, and we want to work with you. We built Alligate as a community of real estate developers, investors, entrepreneurs and experts. Together we collaborate to super charge our ability to invent and scale radical innovation to revolutionize proptech.

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Funding your venture is important, but does not equal success. We have put together everything you need to succeed in one place. This is your unfair advantage.

Simen Woxmyhr, CEO


Access to funding through Alligate and our network of investors


Access to a large real estate portfolio to test and scale your solutions


Access to a larger ecosystem of products and services that strengthen you offering


Access to experts who will do everything they can to help you succeed

The story of Alligate is just getting started and we want you to be a part of it. As an inventor, real estate owner, investor or expert. Proptech is not about technology, it is about helping people. We believe this is something we are better equipped to do together.

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Marie Birkeland, Investment Professional

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