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Fully Self Contained, Stand Alone Anti-Spam Gateway for ALL Mail Servers No High Cost, Under Powered Appliance Required
Is your mail server constantly on the edge of a melt down? There are dozens of popular  Anti- Spam products available that do a decent job of integrating with your email server and blocking spam. Unfortunately, most of them are designed to work with a specific email server platform and can seriously stress your mail server  software and hardware. Alligate is different. It works with any mail server on any operating system, and requires no special hardware or additional software. It allows you to continue to use your existing Anti-Spam configuration without modification while reducing the load on your current setup by at least 90%. You can add years to the serviceable life of your server.
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Spam is not going away any time soon, and as any administrator knows all too well, it increases significantly every year. And, like most administrators, you probably worry every day about whether or not your email server can handle the increased load next month, and the month after that. Virtually all email server implementations are designed to be inherently friendly, and that’s the way it should be. Good email server design involves focusing on the core functions that users rely on to handle their communications. Unfortunately, and most experts will agree, as much as 98% of the email your server receives is unwanted. Email server vendors have had no choice but to add some anti-spam protection but this is not the basic purpose of their software. This is where Alligate steps in. Alligate was designed from the ground up to handle large volumes of spam, backscatter and other unwanted email. It does not need to provide all the user-friendly bells and whistles required of email servers. Alligate needs to do just one thing, and do it efficiently so your mail server can do what it was designed to do. If you want a rock solid defensive Anti-Spam gateway that will allow your core email system to work the way you need it to, then Alligate is designed with you in mind.